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Thread: Trucker with Cancer

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    Trucker with Cancer

    This might not be the right place to put this but if not maybe someone can tell me what to do.
    My Nephew is a tucker with stage 4 cancer. They told him today that he had 6 months to a year to live.

    Social Security is taking it's own sweet time to approve him. He is in so pain and he doesn't have the money to buy his meds or pay his bills.

    I was wondering if all you Truckers could get on your radios and put out the word that there is a fellow Trucker that is dying and in need of help fast.

    He has a gofundme account. Philip Ventris cancer fund at gofundme.

    If someone would like to donate by check or cash they could send it to me I am his aunt. Just send it in the mail to Philip Ventris 520 e. 15th Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074. Here is his ***** number 405-614-4610.

    We are having to take him to OKC everyday for Radiation Treatment.

    We are about out of money for gas.

    I hope and pray some of you Truckers can find it in your hearts to help him.
    Thank You All
    Carolen Ventris-Davis

    Philip Ventris
    520 e. 15th
    Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074

    gofundme: Philip Ventris cancer fund.

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    That's terrible news. I truly hope everything works out!

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    terrible news indeed. is there an update to him?

    i know you have posted ***** numbers, but i do not call people in general that i do not know.


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