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Thread: Seat Belt problem

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    Seat Belt problem

    Hello fellow truckers!

    I have a 2012 Freightliner Cascadia, and I have a problem with my seat belt light (stays on) and chime! But before I consider taking it to the shop and spending a lot of cash and not working for a week, maybe one of you can help me out. Like I said, light stays on all the time, and chime turns on but it does turn off after a few seconds. I tried to fix it but can seem to find any wires coming from the belt clip or the belt itself. It is not like my car's seat belt that it has a wires coming from the clip and goes under the seat. It kind off seems like it is wireless! So if any of you have had any issues like these please share them with me. Thanks!!!
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    It does not hurt to contact a dealer parts dept and ask them if any of the parts are user replaceable. They may tell you how it works. You should get an estimate of the time involved in repairing it., They usually have a book that can tell them the time and cost estimate. You can also stop at a library and look up the maintenance manual. Librarians can probably point you right to bookcase section.

    Hopefully someone can help you, but if not, you still have the above options. Just remember that they do not owe you, so be nice, even of they cannot or will not help you. Admin
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