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Thread: Engine Identify-

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    Engine Identify-

    I have a 1979 white diesel semi- I have the the vin#-5PRCPG1026690 and the engine block (right side of engine) is cast on the side of the block #218600-It is a big cam because it's cast on the left side of the block. It has one large valve cover on the top.

    Still can't identify what type engine is in the truck-if anyone could direct me to a method of identifying the engine it would really help.

    I think it may be a cummins engine but I am guessing-help pls

    thank you brian
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    If it has Big Cam stamped into it, it's a cummins big cam motor. Should have a data tag on the driver side front cover. If it isn't there, you'll need pictures. Oil coolers help differentiate the different models of big cam motors. There should be a 300 number on the back passenger side of the block. That's the block #.

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    of course its cummins engine.

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    By your what your explaining sounds like a big cam 400

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