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Thread: Getting back into a truck at 66

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    Getting back into a truck at 66

    Hello all. just starting out again after several years layoff from the road. Was thinking of retiring but decided that I still had enough in the tank to OTR for a few more years. Will be leaving Texas and moving to Mississippi along the coast and plan on going back out as soon as I get the wife settled in her new house. Any suggestions or comments to help a repeat rookie out?

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    Hi HarrySam. Welcome to the RoadTrucker Trucking forum. Happy 4th weekend. I hope that someone will offer some tips to help yo on your road back. Admin
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    Sounds like you and I are on the same pavement, although I'm 67 I retired a few years ago and hate retirement. Looking to get back on the road but the folks I have talked to didn't say it but the age thing I think is a big factor. I'm based in California right now, but really don't care where I work out of as long as it isn't Alaska.

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    Good luck, as we all know it is not said but age discrimination does exist. I . like you, am in that age group. Only light in the tunnel for me is a OTR , or local if I want, position with a company my friend owns (whom I have worked for before). Other then that I am in the same boat with the rest of you old codgers.

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