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Thread: orientation blues

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    Talking orientation blues

    I would like to hear more good or bad stories about orientation experiences

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    Quote Originally Posted by OptimusTrucker View Post
    I would like to hear more good or bad stories about orientation experiences
    back in my beginnings, i had graduated driving school, and went to NAVL (north american van lines) Comtrans division. (general fright, company drivers)

    another student from my class was also hired with me.

    we had to get to Etters, PA for us to then get to Ft. Wayne, IN for our orientation.

    we actually got a ride to Etters from a driver trainer/recruiter.

    ok, this other student, "Mel" in fact was his name, had just gotten married about a week or 2 earlier.

    he was CONSTANTLY on his **** ***** to his bride.

    he knew, she knew he had to go for orientation.

    well to shorten this up now, once we were at "the fort", he would leave the classroom to call his bride. then he'd come back, look over my shoulder for answers to the questions we had on a test.

    he said we were buddies....and i should help him...oh really.......????

    finally, i had had enough, and yelled at him. "screw off"

    the instructor took him out of class, and he got kicked out of orientation, and had to find his own way home

    never seen or heard of him since, don't know if he ever got a drivers job or not, i could care less.

    i was NOT going to jeopardize MY job, over some arse, that couldn't stay in class.

    that was like 40 years ago.... time flies..>!!!!!

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