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Thread: Driving from Rhode Island or Massachusetts to Virginia

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    Driving from Rhode Island or Massachusetts to Virginia

    I'm looking for someone who would be driving from preferably Rhode Island to Virginia without a load. I just bought a new 28 foot mast for my sailboat and I need to get it to Virginia. The shipping company wants me to pay $1000 for this. I may end up driving up myself, but would like to find a trucker who would be willing to bring it to anywhere in Virginia for $200/300. I would appreciate any advice and or assistance in this matter.

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    Considering the cost of fuel and wear and tear, why don't you sweeten the pot a little? If you are going to save $1000, why not share that savings with whoever will help you save it? You would stand a much better chance of getting a decent driver. Admin

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    Sweeten the pot

    Thanks for the advice. I wasn't sure what amount would be appropriate. Would $400 be good?

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