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Thread: Speeding 2 - 5 mph over ?

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    Speeding 2 - 5 mph over ?

    I am a new driver and was wondering how strict companies are when it comes to evaluating you for a raise etc... when it comes to exceeding the speed limit by 2-5mph ? I have been OTR for about 4.5 months but was concerned about a instances where I just let the truck go a little over the speed limit on downgrades etc... Also, if your tractor is governored at 65mph (speed limit is 75 mph) and you exceed the governed 65mph by 2 - 5 mph does the company consider that speeding as well ? Will most company managers that do the driver evaluations overlook this as a minor issue due to the 2-5mph range being normal or acceptable ?

    I'm finding it nearly impossible to be at or under the posted speed limit every second of the day no matter how hard I try !

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    Hi Jeraza. Welcome to our forum. Seems like a very good question. I am a firm believer in going to the source. Ask the companies themselves what their policy is. Hopefully a seasoned driver can give you a bit more info to go on. Admin
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