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Thread: Looking to get back into the industry

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    Looking to get back into the industry

    Okay just looking for a little advice here. I am a former driver and have been out of the industry about 10 years now. I began my career with Swift Transportation and drove for them about 8 or 9 months. At the time I made a stupid decision and quit no notice while leaving the terminal for home time. Immediately after I went to work with a regional company that delivered to local food service establishments. I worked there maybe a month or 2 then left the industry all together.

    Since this time I have maintained steady employment with long term jobs, 2 jobs in the last 10 years. Over the last year or so I have been strongly considering getting back into driving. I just miss it in a way if that makes sense. I am more grown and mature now and really am sure I want to do this.

    My question would be, how would I go about getting back into the industry. CDL school is so expensive and I can't exactly afford it right now. I don't want to just leave my job unless I am sure I have employment lined up. Should I maybe try to go back with Swift? Is it even possible? I do know they own their own driving schools. I liked driving for them in all honesty and they kept me busy with decent miles. Also I no longer have my CDL I did let it go. Is a refresher course possible? Any other possible companies? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help and I may have more questions to follow.

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    Ha Ha so I came over here and found my old post sitting here from over a year ago. Just a quick update just because. I did end up coming back to driving. I got hired by Prime Inc and am currently coming through their training program. I just completed my PSD phase of training and tested this past Wednesday and now have my Class A Cdl. I am leaving tomorrow to go with another trainer because I am going into the flatbed division to do the TNT phase which is the 30,000 miles of team driving before I come back and upgrade once again to get into my own truck.

    I still check this site from time to time. I really do like it. It seems to get a lot of traffic just not very many posts for some reason. Anyway that is all I have for now and everyone be safe out there.

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    Hi icecold24k,
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