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Thread: employer ripped me off on taxes..what do i do now

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    employer ripped me off on taxes..what do i do now

    I need some serious help here or advice on what to do..
    I'm taxed on the percentage I work keeps whatever's left and at the end of the year they show me as making the total amount billed for that delivery.. I only work for one company.

    Heres example of what I mean

    They billed out $100,000 for my deliveries I made around $35,000..
    the other $65,000 they keep tax free and pass it on as if I made it... When it comes time to pay my taxes it shows I made $100,000 Any certain type of attorney I should see for help..OR should I just go straight to IRS!!!...I need help bad!! Please!!
    I'm getting months behind on things and gonna lose it all..
    Some kind of fraud was committed..
    They took out of my check the cost of repairs, tires for my truck, **** ***** and also tires for their trailer..
    They said I don't get to use any of them deductions cause they are using them since they paid with them on credit card..but then they deducted all these from my pay..
    They 10-99 me and also gave me a w-2
    I'm getting taken to the cleaners and royally screwed...somehow they're getting my tax deductions and not letting me use them..I've went to getting money back every year, to owing more and more each year..I finally was made aware why this was happening... Time to to action..Thanks for any help or suggestions of what I can do..

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