I hope everyone is off to a great Monday.

Many of you know that I'm not a truck driver, but I can relate to what you deal with far better than you
might think. It is a daily occurrence and often many times each day/night you deal with dumb drivers
that assume you can stop your rig on a dime just like they may think they can stop their BMW!

Your total weight may be up to 40 tons in some states, but you do have brakes although it may take a while to stop. What if your total weight was
only 10.5 tons and you had limited steering and no brakes? Such was my life as a boat captain on the Tennessee River. My boat
was only 43 feet LOA and weighed less than 11 tons, with full fuel tanks and all the necessities my wife and friends demanded along
with their body weight.

Invariably when docking and especially when approaching a gas dock, personal watercraft like Sea-Doos would cut in front of me, as though
I could actually apply brakes! LOL

Is my comparison of truck drivers to boat captains a reasonable comparison? Probably the biggest difference is that often more lives are at stake on the Interstate than on the Tennessee River and you deal with stopping far more often.

There is one common charistic of professional truck drivers and experienced boaters, in my opinion.

They each have respect for others in their profession and are always the first to offer a helping hand when help is really needed.

Who is generally the first to help a lady with a flat tire, who doesn't have the slightest idea where her car jack is located or what one is?

Who usually is the hero that pulls a person from a wrecked vehicle as it burst into flames?

My estimate is that 85% of the time it is a professional truck driver.

My estimate may be way too low.

It is also my opinion truck drivers should be awarded medals of honor just like the men and women in the military that risk their lives
daily to keep our country safe.

What's your opinion?