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    I'm looking for info about XTL inc anything will help

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    You do not need to post the same thing multiple times. especially with nondescript titles, that offer no insight to the post content.

    Titles like info and information serve no useful purpose. Make your title useful or very few will even consider looking at your post. For example, if you worked at XTL, would you be more likely to look at a post entitled "info" or "information", or would you be more likely to look at a post entitled. "Looking for information on XTL Inc, in PA or IN."?

    Then in your post you might say. They are out of PA, or IN, or wherever they are. Remember that INC is not a national title. It is a state title, so every state can have a XTL Corp or Inc.

    I removed your post because it was useless. You just copied the website spiel and more than likely, jcranch would not be working in the robotics warehouse, but would be driving. You should have asked for more information before posting.
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