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Thread: Are you protecting your cargo?

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    Are you protecting your cargo?

    According to FreightWatch International the average value lost per cargo load in 2014 rose 36 percent compared to 2013.
    This year, the cargo theft level remains high.

    See this link for full report:

    I strongly recommend using Warlok truck locks or Enforcer locks because I found them to be the best locks.
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    Where can I find those locks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Franchesca View Post
    Where can I find those locks?
    You can browse at this link, Franchesca.

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    36% is a HUGE jump!

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    Yes Mike 36% is a huge jump. As what I read in sdcexec website, Nationwide, cargo theft increased 8 percent in second-quarter 2015 year over year.
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    Stay Safe


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