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Thread: Are you ready for this?

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    "United States to Expand Trade Opportunities with Mexico through Safe Cross-Border Trucking":

    Just what we need.

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    Ready or not, they are here. Now we can get fresh drugs and personalized imigrant deliveries. Mexico to your farm or store. Besides the highways are not safe anymore. Wonderful how our politicians are keeping us safe, keeping the borders closed, and keeping drugs off our streets. Personally they should close both borders, and all freight go to the border and US carriers can pick up their freight there and Mexican or Canadian carriers can pickup their countries freight there.

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    I have never been a proponent of NAFTA, as it opened the doors for many countries to build factories in Mexico to ship their good into the US. Not to mention that the US has never negotiated as hard as most other countries do. I suspect that this is not all bad, but you drivers who have been driving into Mexico would probably have a better perspective on it. It would appear that it might save the US over 2 billion dollars in fines. Not sure how it would increase trade, but for me, it looks like it is more of an agreement on safety inspections, to eliminate retaliatory fines. ie. The US fines a Mexican truck company for safety violations and Mexico retaliates by fining a US company. The main focus seems to be on agreeing to standard Safety Audits/Inspection practices and timing. Black Night's slant on carrying to the border might have some merit, but would have to be examined/tested, as I suspect the possibility that end to end deliveries might not be as reliable, although it probably would be safer for our drivers. I have been to Mexico and it can be quit dangerous.
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