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Thread: Bad Truck Stop - ALERT!! Laramie, WY Interstate 80, exit 290 Formerly Sinclair

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    Bad Truck Stop - ALERT!! Laramie, WY Interstate 80, exit 290 Formerly Sinclair

    Handcuffs.....OK, I had just awakened from my sleep shift and Chris Mckinney's drive time was over. We stopped at a little Mom and Pop style truck stop on the outskirts of Laramie, WY. Little did we know, but the truck stop had just changed ownership not long ago. -------- Removed by Admin

    Basically these guys parked in front of the fuel service pumps even though they were not buying fuel, which apparently upset the owner. Randy0017 showed the owner a gun, the owner called the cops who pulled them over down the road for about an hour. At least that's the story Randy0017 tells, sprinkled with his inflammatory remarks about the owner being Muslim.

    Randy0017 did not get our subtle message, below, so we removed his post which we felt were inflammatory and pretty much racist type. We also banned him. We are sure he will feel the need to have the last word, as guys like him always do, but we would appreciate it, if he did not express his hatred toward others on our forum. Admin
    Last edited by Admin; 12-15-2014 at 12:22 PM. Reason: Inflamatory Remarks about Muslims

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    And to think, all of that, could have easily been avoided, if you guys would have shown them just a small amount of respect and not parked the truck at their service pumps, if you were not buying fuel.
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