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Thread: Need your help!

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    Need your help!

    I removed this post for the reasons below.

    1. This is an advertisement for guns.
    2. To vote you need to "Like" the company.
    3. The voting is over according to the rules.
    4. Your post is Duplicate content. i.e You have posted the same thing on several forums.
    5. You have made no post to help other forum posters on this forum.
    6. You violated our forum rules by adding a link without making 5 post.
    7. We can loose our PayPal privileges by linking to Tobacco and Firearm products. A link is a vote for that website or product.

    I did notice that you contributed to the jeep forum, so if you decide you would like to contribute to our forum members, you are very welcome to do so. Read the forum rules first. Admin

    BTW, No one else, but you and forum admins can see this post, as we have not approved it.
    Last edited by Admin; 09-25-2014 at 07:22 AM. Reason: Forum link violation


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