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Thread: seattle driving?

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    seattle driving?

    Hello new to the group and the industry. I live in Chicago but I'm thinking of moving to Seattle anyone know how it is to drive trucks in Seattle?

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    Hi Ladydrvrsroc. Welcome to the Forum.
    Drive Carefully & Come Home Safe

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    Thanks! Any advice for a newbie?

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    Your welcome! No, I don't have an idea but I will share your post on Facebook.
    Drive Carefully & Come Home Safe

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    What sort of information are you seeking as to driving truck in Seattle? Availability of work, type of jobs, what? Also your experience level, and knowledge would help with answers.

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    Thanks for replying I'm currently in trucking school will b done in a few weeks so I'm asking about job availability for a person fresh out of school and also if u think driving conditions in and around Seattle would b ideal for a new driver.

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    Therefore, I am assuming you are seeking local work? Anyway, as any newbe you wil have problems anywhere getting started, although it is not impossible. There are many opportunities, but most require some experience. Lots of LTL companies. Driving in Seattle would be no better and no worst then anywhere else. If you keep plugging eventually you will find something. My daughter who was out of school got a driving job with a local company making really good money, but she got lucky. Not the greatest job possibly, but a way to get your foot in the door. If you are willing to take whatever is offered, and then use it to gain experience, you will do well. Once you get that experience, like OTR, the better jobs and pay will open. Are you planning on moving to Seattle, or a surrounding community, with no support system? Or do you have family, or friends who can help you? Just a note: Living in or around Seattle will be rather expensive, wherease some outlying areas (which would require a bit of travel to get to Seattle), would possibly be cheaper. If you have specific questions I wil attempt to answer them.

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    Thank u so much for your insight

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    Quote Originally Posted by ladydrvrsroc View Post
    Hello new to the group and the industry. I live in Chicago but I'm thinking of moving to Seattle anyone know how it is to drive trucks in Seattle?
    Ex-Seattle driver...I drove in Seattle for a few years. When you's aggravating. After you get use to it, it's okay. I drove Chicago area as well. I'd say that Seattle is easier...but since you know Chicago area, Seatle will seam hard at first. I've driven all 48 and to me, Seattle is easy...but you have to consider the busy times of day. You are going to wait in the traffic. It's just the way it is. You love it .... or you don't. Good luck!

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