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Thread: Forum User Responsibilities

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    Forum User Responsibilities

    We can sum up your responsibilities as a forum user in 1 word. Respect. Respect the Forum Admins and Moderators, as well as other Forum users; and most importantly respect yourself. Strive to make our forum useful to yourself and others.

    Let's not be rude or inconsiderate
    Let's not Insult Other Member(s)
    Let's not use Inappropriate Language
    Let's not Spam/Advertise
    Let's not copy the writing of others

    What we send out into the world is exactly what we bring home to those we profess to love and care about. There is no switch to turn off when we come back home.

    Note to Spammers: All links are marked nofollow and Post are not shown until moderator approval, so don't waist your time.

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    Okay, I got it. Thanks

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