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Thread: Which CDL(a) Driving School - Southern Calif?

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    Which CDL(a) Driving School - Southern Calif?

    Old fart (57) having a very hard time finding work to support my family. I enjoy driving a lot and am seriously considering Trucking as a career choice until I retire. The wife isn't crazy about the idea but she understands that I need to do what I have to in order to support the family & pay the bills. I live in the L.A. area of So Calif and would like to know which Driving Schools (both Company Sponsored & Private Schools) that are well run and respected out here and can provide job placement after the training ( if private ). I have read quite a few reports of scam schools out there and don't want to go just anywhere. That's where you guys/gals come in ... Been there done that !

    I also understand that the pay for the first 6 months is going to really suck - $300 to $450 week ? Incredibly low to start but is there light at the end of the tunnel ? I've read that if I choose a Company Sponsored school I will more than likely be OTR with a trainer for the first few weeks and OTR for 6 months with very little home time, is that reality ?

    Finally, is it a pipe-dream to think that as a 57 year old rookie I could perhaps hook up as a "Team Driver" with an O/O after being licensed to make a bit more money in that first year ? I think I would enjoy the job better with the right person (perhaps a bass/walleye fisherman), I know it's a crapshoot but I had to ask ! I look forward to your advice and recommendations .... Thanks in advance !
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    Hi Jeraza. I changed your title a little for clarity and hopefully to attract someone who can give you some pointers. Hope it helps. Admin.
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