Potential Storm Next Week: What We Know Right Now <Information taken from the Weather Channel

Low Track #1: Greatest Impact

Low Track #2: Moderate Impact

Although we are confident in the forecast for below-average temperatures this weekend into next week, we less confident about the potential impacts from a storm system developing near or off the East Coast next week. Keep in mind, it is not unusual to have a high degree of uncertainty when forecasting a potential winter storm roughly five days away.
Computer models have suggested a wide range of outcomes in the track of the storm over the last few days. Pictured to the right are three scenarios for the track of the low and the potential impacts they would bring. The timeframe for any potential storm appears to be Tuesday into Wednesday of next week.

  • Track #1: If the low moves near or just off the East Coast, we would likely see a moderate to high impact storm with the potential for strong winds, snow and/or rain affecting portions of the Eastern Seaboard.
  • Track #2: In this scenario, the low moves a little farther out to sea, but close enough to the coast to bring moderate or possible low impacts. Some wind would be expected and the precipitation would likely be all snow.
  • Track #3: This would be the least threatening outcome. The storm system still exists, but tracks far enough out to sea to only bring low or no impacts at all.