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Thread: Poly fender or not to poly fender

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    Poly fender or not to poly fender

    Hey there Truckers out there, My name is pat. I am in search of feedback from those of you who have experimented with poly half fenders. I have been a trucker for almost 10 years, and now I have become my own boss. I have a kenworth pulling a frameless dump and am in the market for half fenders, I have never seen plastic fenders in use. I have, and have seen other haulers with steel half fenders that have been modified by falling debris off the front of the dump that have mangled these fenders, no doubt caused from the loader operator and myself, while loading the dump. So this makes me think, instead of buying fenders that will have to be replaced in a few years I wanted to get plastic fenders, but on the other hand. How well do these plastic fenders hold up, do they crack due to vibrations from the truck. Have some of you with these fenders experienced these sort of problems, also has anyone experimented with some sort of rubber grommet or a cushion between the fenders, or even small springs through the bolt so as to make a floating effect, so no cracks occur? Hope some of you have actual scenarios you could share with me about your poly fenders. Also I see there are poly fenders and minimizer fenders, is there a difference? . Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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    I believe "Mnimizer" is the name of a manufacturer of Poly fenders. We have been thinking of handling their products because they are made in America. They have some customer feedback and one of them is particularly interesting. The Chrome Poly Fender was twisted all up when a tire blew and caught the fender and bracket. Picture shows it as looking totally destroyed, but the truck owner said, "When I took the Minimizer fender off it literally started popping itself back into shape". Here s the link for a look. Admin
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    I also in the market for such product, I did some research and found out its way lighter compared with conventional materials used, but toughness is medium.

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