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Thread: JOIN OUR LAWSUIT - Parrish Truck and Equipment!

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    JOIN OUR LAWSUIT - Parrish Truck and Equipment!

    • I am filing a lawsuit against Parrish Trucks and Equipment, because of blatant wrongdoing and excessive overcharging for their services.
    • When my truck was damaged in an accident, Parrish Trucking was called by the local Police to tow my truck.
    • I received their estimate for $10,091.19 on.
    • Before approval was ever received from my insurance company, they began to work on my truck!
    • My insurance approved them to perform the necessary repairs and agreed to pay them over $10,000. They then issued a payment based on the PDA estimate on.
    • After payment for their services was issued to Parrish Trucking and Equipment, I thought that the matter was taken care of.
    • However, then I received yet another invoice from Parrish Towing for the amount of $15,996, which included Storage Fees for the days which the truck was on their property and the days which it was inside their shop being worked on! My Insurance Agent informed me that it is customary for the company doing the repairs to not charge storage when the equipment is being repaired at the time.
    • When I contacted them concerning this obvious overcharge, Parrish Towing refused to waive their storage fee of $50/day storage for truck and $50/day for trailer [industry standard ranges from $25-$40/day].
    • I then requested the towing fees be removed from the invoice since he did (partial) repairs to the rig, which did not include fixing the body damage.
    • I will still have to pay another shop at least $10,000 to do the body work!
    • In retaliation to my request, Parrish called and informed me that he was filing a lien on the equipment.
    • As a responsible businessman, I am well aware that filing a lien to retrieve Storage Payments is against State Law.
    • My attorney informed Parrish of this violation of State Law, but he continues to hold our equipment hostage.

    Therefore, because of this intolerable situation, I will be filing a lawsuit against Parrish Trucks and Equipment.

    I know that I am not the only one who has been dealt with in this manner by this company.

    If you wish to report any instances of wrongdoing or overcharging which you have experienced in your dealings with them, or you are interested in joining me in this lawsuit, please e-mail me at

    donald(at) or send me a pm
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