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Thread: Jan 30 Deadline for CDL self-certification and med-card requirements

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    Jan 30 Deadline for CDL self-certification and med-card requirements

    January 30th marks the deadline for Commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders to contact their state licensing agencies to let them know the type of driving they perform (interstate or intrastate) and, if necessary, submit a copy of their medical card. This is under federal rules adopted in 2008.

    For most CDL drivers, their medical qualification status will then appear on their driving record so enforcement officers and motor carriers can verify that they are medically qualified to drive.

    After January 30, 2014:

    Any interstate CDL holder who is subject to the federal medical standards but has not provided a current, valid medical card to the state licensing agency is deemed “not certified” to drive a commercial vehicle in interstate commerce.

    For any driver whose CDL driving record includes medical certification status, the motor carrier must keep a copy of the driving record instead of the medical card as proof of medical qualification, and will need to get a new driving record each time the driver renews the medical card.

    Drivers and carriers can use a copy of each new medical card for up to 15 days as proof of medical qualification, to give the state time to enter the data into the driving record (the state has 10 days). After those 15 days, interstate CDL drivers will no longer have to carry the medical card, and the employer will need a copy of the new driving record in the driver’s file.

    Non-CDL drivers are not affected by the new requirements. They will need to continue carrying their medical cards and providing copies to their employers.

    The self-certification will need to be updated each time a driver renews, transfers, or upgrades the CDL.

    The federal rules governing this process are primarily concerned with interstate drivers, so states have leeway to adopt or not adopt the same requirements for their in-state-only drivers. Check with your state for details (most states have websites with more information on their implementation of the new rules).

    Source: JJKeller
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    Yes, let us not forget to let the government verify (god knows we cant do this on our own) we have a valid medical card. This also ensures your state a chance at your pocketbook once again, as a fee to self certify, and another fee for your employer to get a copy of your driving record to again verify. We , nor our employers, could not do this for ourselves ( thats right if we did the state would get no revenue).

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    Keep the medical paperwork and card in the truck for the first year. Yes the state has 10 days to attach medical card to your drivers license, but here in Texas I am being told the state is 4 months behind schedule and basically overwhelmed at this point. A new system with a lot of headaches
    Dr Paul McLemore DC
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