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Thread: Mr. Life Of the Party Has Arrived

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    Mr. Life Of the Party Has Arrived

    So rejoice.
    What to say? Driver since 02, only six months of it OTR. My ETS date from the Army came in 02, after I did a tour in the 'Stan as a Combat Medic. While I was in, I'd take my block leave during the Summer, and I'd work for a sod farm during that time, because, let's face it, I'm from a place where there's absolutely nothing to do otherwise. When I got out, I was a certified EMT-P, had cardio and shock trauma... and couldn't find a job in that field to save my life. So the sod farmer put me on full time until I found something better. Started driving when he asked me if I could maneuver and back a trailer, and I told him yes, I could. So he sent me out with a load of sod to deliver. Shortly afterwards, my Platoon Sergeant in my Guard unit suggested I get a CDL, since the EMS prospects were slim, so I did. Worked as a sitework driver/equipment operator/crew laborer, did that for a road builder, worked the C&D industry, even did a bit of disaster relief a la post-Katrina New Orleans. Spent 18 months doing the same line of work in South Africa, as well. Owned a fleet of two tractors and end dumps at one point. Went back to school to become a mechanic, and that's what I do now, with a little driving on the side.. got a side gig making basically a daycab run (and it's the only time I've ever run a dry box), and sometimes I make a hay run for my old boss man I did my OTR time with. I've run flats, steps, RGNs (lowboys, pontoon trailers, and beam trailers), end dumps (aggregate and demolition), Landoll sliders, and vocational trucks (dumps, grapple trucks, roll-offs, rock shooters). Had a little break from driving (and everything else I was doing) from 03 - 04 when Uncle Sam decided I looked bored and wanted to send me off to a more sandy sort of place. No, I don't have as many miles as someone who spent as much time as an OTR driver.. but an OTR driver doesn't do what I do, either.
    I do a bit of gunsmithing on the side, and, when I have time, I offer my services voluntarily to an equestrian center, because I like that environment, and I actually used to be a hunter/jumper before I got a wild hair and decided to enlist.
    Other than that, I like equestrianism, movies, blaring loud heavy metal music (true metal, not this watered down crap getting passed off as such nowadays), shooting sports, and I can talk your ear off when it comes to some food.

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    Welcome to the community

    Wow! That is one big story, MMire. Thanks for joining and we are looking forward to hear more from you. Cheers!
    Drive Carefully & Come Home Safe

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