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Thread: Is this a good company?

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    Is this a good company?

    Hey I was wondering if anyone knows if Western Express is a good company or not. They offer a refresher course for drivers who are not current otr drivers. I have never driven over the road. I have mostly done dump truck and end dump work. I hauled oversea containers for about a year but that was pretty local. I had to go back to turning wrenches since the housing market took a dump and the dirt work trucking flat stopped. I hate what im doing, I hate my boss and really dislike being held hostage inside an airplane hangar all day without seeing the sunlight. I want to hear the music of that big diesel once again and wonder if this is a good way for me to go?

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    Hi there workshoprat92! Thanks for joining. I posted your query in our facebook page RoadTrucker Inc. and will get back to you as soon as we get any reply.
    Drive Carefully & Come Home Safe

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    sorry no idea of that company.

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