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Thread: How hard is learning to drive?

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    How hard is learning to drive?

    Question to all truckers: What has been the hardest part when you were learning how to drive?

    Share your experience here.

    Drive Carefully & Come Home Safe

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    I wonder this type of question before a long time.... When i started to learn driving that time i was very young and i was thinking that i never learn driving because i felt that it's much difficult but slowly slowly i was learning and now i am a very good driver....

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    cdl jobs | Trucking jobs

    Basic driving is a combination of hand/eye co ordination skills,vehicle handling skills, and traffic knowledge. Learning to drive is a nerve wracking for teens and parents. It likely to be a first experience putting your safety and auto investment in your teen's hand.

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    I agree. One must have enough traffic knowledge and know state rules and regulations especially for truck drivers who go state-by-state.
    Drive Carefully & Come Home Safe

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    There is a guide called "New To OTR" for new drivers or people thinking about getting a CDL. You can find it at Amazon or rosedogbooks

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    How hard is learning to drive? Well, that is a tough question, the left thingy is the excelarator, the middle is the brake, and the right is the clutch, right? Gee, been working on mastering this driving thingy for just a little while now, think I started around 1994. Coming along, if all goes right I will be ready to get on the road in about 2034. Good luck all.

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    Still I am new in driving and i have not too much experience in driving but i am trying to learn driving and become expert so that i can able to drive all kind of Vehicles.

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    Not hard at all. The scariest part is the first time you're OTR on your own. After that, as long as you're not sleeping behind the wheel you'll be fine.

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