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Thread: 5 things the public needs to know about truckers

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    5 things the public needs to know about truckers

    Approximately 3.5 million truck drivers comprise an estimated total of 8.9 million people in trucking-related jobs in the private sector of the USA. About 70% of all freight are transported by truckers annually, anything from food and beverages to all sorts of equipment.

    An enormous portion of the USA economy depends on the trucking industry and it is important that the general public recognizes this. However, there are some things the members of the public hardly know about truckers. Below are the top 5 things.

    1. Truckers do more than just driving
    - Professional truck drivers maintain compliance, do record-keeping, time management, and even budgeting other than driving itself. This includes mileage calculation, balancing fuel and freight weight, and route familiarity. With the recent Hours of Service rules, truckers are responsible also with their time calculations whenever they sleep, eat, fuel, load and unload. Factors such as road conditions and traffic flow are also part of a driver's everyday life. To ease the burden, they use a truck GPS that can provide re-routing options.

    2. Most large fleets have regulated speeds on their trucks
    Truckers are not the highways enemy at alarming rates of speed. At least half are governed at 62-68 miles per hour.

    3. Truckers work hard, even unpaid hours
    Unlike other professions, some drivers rely solely upon paid mileage to make a living. Most long-haul truckers earn a per-mile rate, many without time paid for loading or unloading.

    4. Drivers are educated
    35% of the professional drivers who gave been on the road longer than seven years have extended educations. They are even trained with other skills. It is said that by 2014, 30,000 trucking jobs will be filled by ex-military personnel.

    5. Trucks are not that "smokey and bandit" as you think
    More and more trucks are powered by “clean diesel engines” in 2013 according to Diesel Technology Forum. Allen Schaeffer, executive director of the DTF, says, “Emissions from today’s diesel trucks and buses are near zero thanks to more efficient engines, more effective emissions control technology and the nationwide availability of ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel.”

    >Repost from George & Wendy Show blog

    To all the truckers out there, what else do you want the public to know or understand? Post your comments below and let your voice be heard.
    Drive Carefully & Come Home Safe

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    Truckers are not their enemy. We dont chose to drive under the car posted limit, government has made us the blockades of the highway(by passing seperate speed laws for trucks).

    Truckers spend many long days and nights away from their families, so that each of them can have full store shelves to purchase their favorite luxery and/or food from.

    There are possibly many more, although I will leave those for someone else.

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