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Thread: Getting back on the road, after being gone for 4 years

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    Getting back on the road, after being gone for 4 years

    I just wanted to find out from drivers if they know of any good trucking companies, that will take drivers that have NOT been OTR for the past 4 years. That do a refresher training program or such. I have been driving a concrete mixer truck local for the last 4 years, before that I drove OTR for Conway for 19 months. All my miles have been incident free, but I had to go local when my father past away, as he was watching over my family while I was on the road. I was staying on the road for 3 months and taking 2 days off, I am not ever doing that again. I want to do Midwest regional with at least every other weekend home, no hazmat, no team, solo only for me. I am in the process of moving to Liberty, MO. just northeast of Kansas City, MO. Any help, comments, ideas exc.. would be greatly appreciated. God bless!!!

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    Welcome again on the road, 4 years.... very long time. I think if i leave driving only for 1 year then definitely i will forgot that how to drive the truck. Its very tough to any person for leave his profession for very long time.

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