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Thread: ques for the fleet owners

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    ques for the fleet owners

    Im pretty new to all this just trying to figure some things out. If I were to own a few trucks and hired drivers rather then driving for myself would that be more profitable??? If so where would a good place to look be?

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    Thanks for joining! I had your question posted in our page and will get back to you if there is any response. But in my personal opinion, it will be better to start as a truck driver yourself so that you know the processes of it and will be able to give valuable input should you choose to hire truckers some day. You may start looking in companies near you or ask some trusted friends. Good luck!
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    Welcome dent5785 in this community..... Marie is have to start as a truck driver yourself then you can know the process of it and you can start it anywhere near about you. Just try it Best of Luck

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