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Thread: hey everyone

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    hey everyone

    hello everyone
    im looking to get into o/o of some sort because my job now is looking to have much of a future.
    I want to do something for myself and not work for other people just looking to get some info in the business.

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    All I can see driving truck for one year is, that as a truck-driver you don't just work for everybody else (half the time for free), but you are also everybody else's maid.

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    Here's a reply from our facebook fan

    Tracy A Giffin Sr: "Contact Sammons Trucking. Missoula,MT. Great program if you want to become an O/O."

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    Hi dent5785, you may want to read this related thread: Compliance Tips: What do Owner-Operators Need?
    Drive Carefully & Come Home Safe


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