August 29, 2013 - Mississippi News Now: THIS WEEK, Mississippi Highway Patrol officers are riding shotgun in trucks to curb aggressive driving.

“We usually have troopers scattered out in a 9 mile radius. If you drive wreck less around the truck, you pull in front of it without a turn signal, get in front of it and slam on brakes, follow too close, the trooper in the truck is going to radio your description tag number,” Mississippi State Trooper Capt. Scott Carnegie disclosed.

Troopers have focused their efforts on five counties in the state that have the highest number of truck accidents. Troopers issued 700 tickets and 692 citations.

When troopers spot an aggressive driver, they radio ahead to another officer who then pulls over the aggressive driver. The troopers often educate the driver on how to drive safely around trucks.

The program is funded through a grant from the FMCSA. See report at CDL Life.