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Thread: Sunteck Transport Brokerage

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    Angry Sunteck Transport Brokerage

    Called this company about a load this morning from Lakeland, FL to Dallas, TX and they offered me $950. I also contacted another company with a load in the same area and they offered me $250 more, which still wasn't very good considering the cost of diesel, maintenance and tires. I was told by the second company that because reefers don't have much for produce to haul that they're hauling dry van freight, which is bringing the rates down because of supply and demand. If reefers are hauling this freight for $0.85 per mile, how are they making a living and still maintaining their trucks/trailers? I've been in business for 25 years and wouldn't have survived at those rates. It's GREED on the part of the brokers.........

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    People are just shuffling money as they are going broke...and taking the rates down with them. There is no reason to haul a load that can't cover the fuel for the load. It's crazy.

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