Just resigned from CRST trucking. What a horror story. This company installed something into my skull to keep me asleep while they broke two of my teeth. They made burns into my PENIS, they put some kind of rash on my head.

Do not work for this company. They rape you while you are sleeping, install little things into your skin that give you severe pain.

While you are driving the truck, they try to make you crash and have a fatal accident.

If anyone has similar experiences with this company or Werner please get in contact with me as I am seeking legal damages from these companies for what they have done to me.

here's an additional fact... when you finally quit, you go home to your friends and family and they are listening to what you are saying through a mic stuck in your mouth. LMAO.. have fun.

I wonder how many people died on the road driving a truck and killed innocent families with their truck, because they were getting mysterious pain and their driving was impared due to things implanted into their body causing severe pain and limiting their ability to drive their semi properly.

sorry to all the innocent families that died because of this, this is going on everyday. and nobody cares.

ok yall, have fun out there.