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Thread: Featured Truck Accessory: CB Radio

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    Featured Truck Accessory: CB Radio

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    CB radios are one of the top truck accessories because they allow you to stay in touch when other communication systems are down or not available. You need to maximize the signal you receive and transmit because CB radios are mainly used for:

    • Directions - if you get lost, you can often get directions on the CB radio.
    • Accidents - you can announce over the CB radio the location of an accident, especially if it's creating a traffic problem and/or backup.
    • Traffic tie ups - get advance warning when traffic is backed up ahead of you instead of rushing headlong into it.
    • Stay awake - find someone to talk to that you have some things in common with, so as not to easily get bored and sleepy.
    • Notifications - shippers/receivers can set it up and tell you to go park and when they have a dock for you, they will notify you by CB radio on a certain channel.

    There are a lot of uses but the bottomline is, a CB radio can save you time and money. A good Cobra or Galaxy will serve you well and like the others have said a good Truck Spec CB antenna system matched and grounded and you are ready to go.

    Go for those that don't have too much junk on it and talked really good. Figure out what you want first before spending more. Some radios are way too overpriced. See my article for Which CB Radio is right for you?
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