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Thread: Exploring opportunities in Trucking

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    Exploring opportunities in Trucking

    I am 55 years old and at a crossroad. I have been interested in trucking for a long time. I have an opportunity to follow that dream now and I am looking for advise. I am divorced and kids are grown and gone and want to do long haul, "hitch and drop" I need advise on driving schools,companies to work for,maybe Owner Operator. Help me out guys,I want to do this!

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    Hi Zman:
    Wow what a time to choose to take this up. Lots of changing laws lately but it's still doable. First off find a reputable driving school, make sure to check reviews on them because many will advertise they guarantee you a job and don't. Be cautious not to hop onto one of these company sponsored driving schools because they will hold you hostage. Many of these will offer you an opportunity to get your CDL and lease a truck to become an "Owner/Operator" right away. Not a good idea because you need to learn the business first, they will offer you a lease with lots of fine print and trap you. Do it on someone else's time not on your own dime. Finding a company that takes newbies is difficult so do a lot of research. Forums are a good place to do that because that's where newbies go to vent their frustrations about their company. Owner/Operator is not something you want to even think about for quite some time. This industry is tough and ever changing, trucks are a very expensive hobby and you don't want that financial responsibility until you have a good few years experience. Start reading all the trade magazines Overdrive magazine, Land Line magazine, Truckers report. Many of these can be found at local truck stops. Team drivers are where it's at and maybe you will get lucky and find the right person to drive with. Good luck in you endeavors.

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    dont give up and expect to work at a low rate for a year or so and keep a good repore with your employer and customers. make sure you stay in contact and are on time and after a year or 2 you will be able to work for just about anyone you for a good school that all depends on where you are at? good luck i am sure you will like the road if you can just try not to let some of the normal delays eat at you and they will just let that part go and i am sure you will do fine.check with your local truck companies a lot of the time they will point you in the right direction for a good school. safe travels see you out there,Pappy


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