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Thread: Everybody gets a chance at a Free Gift!

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    The Best Customer Service!!!

    My fiance and I recently purchased a boat at the end of the season last year.

    We have two small boys who although they love the boat when it's in motion, they can get a little antsy when it's time to 'relax'. (I think the boat itself is relaxing; but you know how kids can be)

    At any rate; a TV with a DVD combo was a must for the upcoming boating season. The original TV that I had attempted to purchase from your site, would not allow me to add to the cart. In review of the website and delivery options, I noticed that you had a ship-from area in Elizabethtown, PA which is only about 20-25 minutes from me. I figured that I would give you a call.

    Not only was I extremely excited to have a 'live' person answer the ***** within two rings and no additional press this and that requirements; which frankly is unheard of these days; but the gentleman was so helpful, and understanding to my lack of understanding and assisted me through my purchase. Not only was he able to explain that the original item requested was out of stock, he actually fixed the website right when I was on the ***** with him and had me test it just to make sure other customers didn't experience the same problem. BRAVO!

    He provided me knowledge and kindness throughout our call and even entertained a few laughs along the way. Most people no longer understand the value of not only good; but GREAT customer service these days. It was a great pleasure dealing with your company!


    Your employee's friendly disposition, experience and know-how, along with real-life conversation was greatly appreciated. Recommendations coming your way for the upcoming year!

    New Boat Owner / La Bella Vita

    Quote Originally Posted by Marie View Post
    At RoadTrucker, we recognize the time you spend to share your valuable tips, worthwile stories, and interesting topics right in this forum, and out to thousands of truckers and visitors. As we try our very best to make everyday trucking safer, faster and easier, we would like to say THANK YOU for helping by contributing to important discussions here.

    In return, everyone will have a chance to receive a FREE Gift!

    1. Each week, the contributor of the chosen post will be given a VERY nice gift! (12-Volt Coolers, 12-Volt Heating Blankets, etc)

    2. And EVERY MONTH, RoadTrucker will give away a 12-Volt Widescreen TV with DVD!

    Rest assured, we will be checking everyday for fresh posts and carefully select one of the best each week. So keep on posting because you're one step closer to amazing giveaways. Let start the ball rolling!

    Our first gift will be given the First Week of December and continue until the last week of February.

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    Hi La Bella Vita,
    Thank you very much for your nice compliments. Marissa
    Drive Carefully & Come Home Safe

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