I hope I can get some direct answers through this forum. My husband has a sex crime felony on his record. He is a registered sex offender.
He is ashamed about what he did, but the past cannot be changed and he still needs to make a living. It was non violent and it happened 13 years ago. We are trying to heal our family and move on.

He had been an over the road truck driver in the past. He was very good at it. He loved it and has missed it ever since he stopped. He made good money and it supported our family. When the crime happened (in our own family), he pleaded guilty and went to prison for ten years.

Upon being released, he was blessed to find someone who would hire him when he got out of prison. He has moved up and became an assistant general manager. There are no benefits though and the pay for him is close to the top.

He is wanting to go back into trucking. I am even willing to go with him and if I could learn, then perhaps even team drive with him.

The problem we are finding is getting a company that also has a retraining program for him and will also accept his felony record. His conviction date was back in 2000.

There has been no other issues since.

If you have any information that can help us, I would appreciate it. Please be kind and please don't judge him too harshly.
He is very sorry for what happened and he is trying as hard as I have ever seen anyone to work and make a living.

Thank you for your time.