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Thread: Hauling 250gallon portable "liquid" Tanks and it's contents

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    Hauling 250gallon portable "liquid" Tanks and it's contents

    Hey everyone, new here and I have a question. Our shop is closing down and I have been hauling all our equipment to other locations that our company owns. I do not have a hazmat , or Tanker endorsements on my CDL. I have had my CDL since 1995 and only ever driven Car haulers or Flatbeds. I have never received any DOT violations, and I don't want to start.

    So here is the issue..... My boss is asking me to haul some "Commonwealth" Di-electric oil out to Ohio. It will be in Eight, 250 gallon plastic Square tanks. First question, is this Di-electric oil a hazardous material? I did look at the MSDS sheet for it and it says that DOT has not ruled on it. A buddy of mine said that is possibly under Class 9 due to it being an "oil". Second question, is it legal for me to carry these tanks in this amount of product in a Box Trailer? I am about to be laid off permanent from this company due to it's closing, I do not want to put my license up for grabs by DOT on this.. I have looked through the DOT regulation page, but as most know, it is very difficult to have anything spelled out clearly or that is "understood" the same by more than two individuals.

    Thanks in advance for any answers. They are planning on me heading out on Monday so I appreciate any quick answers.

    Be safe


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    I sympathies with your dilemma, RICHM. And it certainly is a potential for creating an issue for you. I will try an give you more insight for this issue.
    If you are referring to EDM 244, the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) states "This material is classified as not hazardous under OSHA regulations in the United States, the WHMIS in Canada and the NOM-018-STPS-2000 in Mexico".
    The MSDS also states that EDM 244 is stable.
    That said, it is flammable (Low Hazard, as the Flashpoint is 230 degrees F) and it can be a minor health issue (Low toxicity). I can't help but wonder if that doesn't mean that you need to display a placard showing a 1 in both the Red and Blue space.
    Your problem as I see it is that this is on the border. More than likely there is not problem with you hauling it, but what happens if you get a hardcore who has had a bad day?
    My Recommendation is to talk to a seasoned Hazmat driver and also contact Commonwealth directly. Here is their number:

    Commonwealth Oil Technical Services Department at 1-519-738-3503. Good luck

    p.s. I also found this on Commonwealth's Website.
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    Thanks Admin, I took a few to look at the information you gave me as well as called Commonwealth. I spoke with their Chemist and he confirmed that there is no DOT regulation regarding transportation of the Dielectric oil and they do not placard the when transporting. He suggested I take a copy of the MSDS sheet with me so that if I get pulled over that I can provide the information to DOT so that it will limit my time with them.

    Thanks for your help

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