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    NEWEST Forum Category

    Hi everyone,

    First of all I would like to thank KryptoniteDragon for this wonderful suggestion of alerts for truckers. In this specific forum category, you can report unusually high activity, troublesome areas for traffic, and even rate places in the country that are overly harsh.

    In other words, real time notification via those using the site by mobile ***** that could check the forum from time to time, or truckers and wives at home who could give a heads up to the drivers on the road. Report something like "a major portion of I-75 is shut down" or that "a caravan of Motor Carrier Enforcement units are gathering at a certain rest stop."

    Anyone can flag a bad weather at the WEATHER sub-forum; road obstructions at ROAD CONDITION; and any enforcement operations at LAW ENFORCEMENT Activity.

    What else would you guys recommend? Maybe a template would do. Like,


    Any other suggestions are most appreciated. Thanks.
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