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Thread: How to Live with Long-haul Loneliness

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    How to Live with Long-haul Loneliness

    Hard breaks for anyone is nothing new but can be traumatic. This is what happened to Jason, a TransX lease-operator when he lost his mother and was left by his girlfriend. He was alone all of a sudden. Given the hours of loneliness long-haul truckers endure, hard-breaks of that sort are probably a bit harder.

    So what did he do to combat the loneliness on the road? Two puppies, named Bam and Loner, are rescues. Jason runs from Montreal to Winnipeg, then down to the States and back up to Montreal, with Bam and Loner in tow.

    "They're always happy to see me, no matter if I'm happy or angry or having a bad day," he confessed.

    Whatever issues we face, there could be something or someone we can hold on to. To truckers out there, what do you do or whom do you talk to, to ease the boredom and loneliness and survive everyday?
    Drive Carefully & Come Home Safe

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    Actually I never had a problem with any of it. I enjoyed the travel, seeing the sights, driving, and the biggest thing is that I am primarily a loner and love being alone. Although, when home I do enjoy spending as much time with the my bride as I can. Thats me, others may have a different story.

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    Yeah it depends on the truck driver actually. One of the truckers said, he enjoys the new "work window" every day. Lotsa things and new places to discover, indeed.
    Drive Carefully & Come Home Safe

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    Long haul truck driving is very lonely, but pay is high. That is why everyone is joining in long haul truck driving. I also became a long haul truck driver because of good pay only.

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    I own a fleet of trucks, but i finally bought a large sleeper show truck. This is so when home time, i can enter it in the shows, just for something new to do, and pass the time.

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