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Thread: EMU light keeps coming on!

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    EMU light keeps coming on!

    While pulling a load of about 42k #s up some moderate hills, our Volvo dash light came on / check engine light, and says the EMU or something like that needs to be checked. I did some research and it sounds like the 'brain' of the truck or the computer hub is not getting a good voltage reading from somewhere. How can we diagnose the codes or even find the codes? It has a screen that shows a lot of things but we don't see how to know exactly what area isn't reading or sending correctly. Any advise??? Thanks bunches! I am hoping this is covered under our warranty!

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    hi snowpony,
    you will use code reader for diagnose the code bt some time it will bring fault code which is explained in manual supplied .The engine management light can come on for a number of reasons so you need to take your car to a garage with the diagnostics equipment which can connect to the engine management system. Only a garage with these tools can diagnose the problem and reset the light.

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    It is hard to figure out what's the cause of the problem, unless you are a good with electrical and all this chip stuffs. DIY approach will end up faulting the whole system. I would suggest you to take it to a good repair and service team, get it checked, and have peace of mind.

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