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Thread: Anyone know any good spots?

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    Anyone know any good spots?

    We have an RV for the family but the family has also gotten very large now. This means we often have my 5 kids, my wife, myself, and even my retired mother and father along for trips. 9 people! We like going to the mountains in Tennessee and even North Carolina etc. Anyone know any good RV hookup locations that also have perhaps cabins or those pre-placed camping tents for extra people to stay in?

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    If you do not have a GPS for the RV, take a look at the Rand McNally RVND7720. This GPS is much more than just a GPS. It has a fairly extensive list of Camgrounds, as well as places to visit, and a host of other amenities. We have a very well doucmented page with 7 short videos, plus you can download the manual. This is by far the best RV GPS available.
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    I've never been o the Us, but if you're ever in India, where I'm currently staying, I would advise you to visit Mahabaleshwar - a very picturesque place in a mountainous region of the Maharashtra state. The best time to go is after the rainy season. On the way there are some rock cut Buddhist ancient caves, I'm sure your big family will love to explore them

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    And this is an Indian vehicle, by the way. Yes, they are always so decorated

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