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Thread: ARE YOU READY for Roadcheck 2013?

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    ARE YOU READY for Roadcheck 2013?

    June 4-6, 2013 - Another 72 straight hours of tens of thousands of inspections to be conducted on commercial vehicles on Roadcheck 2013. Throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, roadside inspection officers come out en masse to conduct CMV and driver inspections traveling the highways.

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    As everyone makes sure that drivers and vehicles are operating safely, you should start asking yourself, "Am I ready for this year's Roadcheck?" "What am I supposed to be doing right now or what am I missing so far?"

    Keeping trucks and truck drivers compliant and safe should be the number one priority in order to avoid penalties or worse, being placed out of service.

    The FMCSA will rate Motor carrier and driver safety performance based on seven different Behavioral Analysis Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs) in the CSA SMS as follows: Unsafe Driving, HoS Compliance, Driver Fitness, Controlled Substances and Alcohol, Vehicle Maintenance, Hazardous Materials Compliance, and Crash Indicator.

    Browse through RoadTrucker and DriverLogbooks Roadcheck 2013 Solutions.
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    Hi Marie!
    This is the stage I am at now, since we are a new company we are new entrants as a new carrier, so I am making sure I have all my i's dotted and t's crossed! There is a whole lot to keep track of but I have researched this for a long time to be sure it is what I want to do. I am a type A personality with the disease of detail-itis hahaha, very organized and goal oriented so I am defintely going to be prepred as we will have that mandatory safety audit within 18 months and sounds like we may get checked sooner by the sounds of this. Thank you for the 'heads up' I heard some about this and was wondering if it were true. The best way to be prepared is to be organized with all mandated paperwork, and just do things safely and by the book. Don't try to cut corners to try and save time or money because in the long run it will end up costing much more time and money to get it right again. I am wondering about mandatory training for drivers because I just got my CDL permit and will be learning beside my husband as he drives. I can take the road test in 'our' truck when I feel ready, but I see a lot of refrence to mandatory training. How can someone get that, I have seen online webinars, and traing programs you can buy, and they are costly. I was just wondering if time begind the wheel next to a seasoned driver counts. We are in a consortium so that is covered. This is the only part I am not certain of. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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    Thank you Marie for reminding us. I'am now browsing in Driverlogbooks website and I see the CSA for Commercial Motor Vehicle Fleets which contains all the information regarding FMCSA's Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) initiative. I maybe purchase this one..

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    Highlights from Roadcheck 2012

    The following video from cdllife should give you a good idea of how to prepare for Roadcheck 2013.

    The CSA Handbook : A Complete Guide for CMV Drivers 492-H ($7.59) is the only handbook that covers all information CMV interstate truck and bus drivers need to operate successfully under CSA. It also provides fingertip access to explanations of the seven BASICs, severity tables, and tips for avoiding most common violations; and explains how to prepare for roadside inspections, rights during inspection, what not to do, and steps to take after inspection.

    We recommend that you double check your tires and brakes, as well as Hours of Service. Here is a list of the most common infractions from 2012
    Top 5 Vehicle Inspection Violations

    1. Operating Vehicle Not Having The Required Operable Lamps (§393.9)
    2. No/Defective Lighting Devices/Reflective Devices/Projected (§393.11)
    3. Tire—Other Tread Depth Less Than 2/32 Of Inch (§393.75C)
    4. Oil And/Or Grease Leak (§396.5B)
    5. Clamp/Roto-Chamber Type Brake(S) Out Of Adjustment (§393.47E)

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    What to expect if inspected for Roadcheck 2013

    Here is a glimpse of what to expect should you be chosen for inspection. Thanks to cdllife for the video.

    74,072 inspections were conducted for Roadcheck 2012. Of the vehicles inspected, 20.9% were placed out of service for mechanical problems. Good grief truckers, that is 1 in 5. Do not sit on your butt and ignore this. You do not need the headache being put out of service brings. We wish you all a safe journey through Roadcheck 2013.
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