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Thread: New Owner Operator here

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    New Owner Operator here

    Hello all,
    Just stopping in to say hello,after many years in the buisiness I've decided to do it for myself.
    I've been told lease-purchase isn't the best choice but to me it's better than playing the company driver game.

    by the way....
    I posted this in the "say Hello" section but are there any other owner Operators that might be willing to let me hitch a ride to as close to Davenport,IA as possible?

    I'm just trying to avoid a 24 hr greyhound ride..
    I've bought a 2007 FRT Columbia with 455 Detroit and all the goodies so for the price it seems worth dragging butt out there to get it.
    If anybody is going across 80 from the Poconos in the next few days or so I would appreciate it,hell I'll even drive some.

    PM me for contact details.
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    Good Luck

    Hope he made it. it's a hard switch to o/o. there are rewards, but mostly you put up with the same junk, plus you pay the repair bills and insurance and license. Go in with your eyes open.

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    Yeah go in with eyes open, but come out with empty pockets. Did oo thing 32 years, wasn't really getting bad untill six yeasrs ago when owner ops would head home or just fuel money. When I saw that I said its time to someone else.

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