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    There is a new repair shop open just north of fort wane they are the nicest guys I have meet in a long time. They fixed my truck and looked it over and gave me a list of things that need attenion. They are at the waterloo exit go to town turn left at light go to maple street turn left and they are on the righthand side about .5 of a mile. You will be happy you went there. I WAS GLAD TO MEET JERRY AND JR YOU WILL BE TO.

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    This is your shop and anyone with a little intelligence can easily tell, since you signed up and only posted 2 post both violating the forum rules on advertising. At least on the other one, you were being more honest and not pretending to comment on someone else's shop. You outright advertised for your own shop.

    If you are willing to be less then straight forward, why should anyone trust you enough to go to your shop? I understand you want to be successful, but sacrificing your integrity is not the right way to do that.

    I deleted your other post and only removed your blatant advertising & pricing in the above post.

    Instead of disrespecting the forums with this type of slightly misleading advertising, I would recommend that you offer to give something of value back to the truckers. In other words get smart. Why not open a forum and post 5 post that show truckers how to do small repairs to save money. Then you can ad a tasteful signature with your website and a tagline. After that you can answer repair or maintenance questions. That will give you a reputation for helping truckers and those in your area or driving through your area will remember you as someone who offers value and can be trusted to work on their truck.

    We are a fairly new trucker forum and you have the chance to make yourself indispensable to truckers. As the forum grows, so will you and your business. Earn 5 decent post and I will remove this thread.
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