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Thread: RV and Filtration Drive Air

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    RV and Filtration Drive Air

    Hi All

    This is my first post and thought it would be great opportunity to speak about a product I recently purchased for my RV. I have allergies and asthma which can be a pain for someone who enjoys the outdoor life. I do not totally rough it and enjoy the amenities of home which is why when I retreat to my RV to escape the pollen I need a pollen free environment. I was happy to find the a product online called the DriveAir Cabin Air Filtration System. The website is ***Link Removed - Fourm Violation on Advertising - See Riles for Adding a Signature to your new business*** They are marketing it for truck cabs but it also works great for RV's. I noticed the difference right away.

    It is worth checking out if you are trucker or and RV'r with Allergies or Asthma. Hell maybe if you are even just concerned about breathing i clean air! =)
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