Global Positioning Systems or GPS is a driver's daily guide. Although serving the same purpose of guiding a driver, not all GPS are created equal. Some are designed specifically for commercial use such as truck-trailers and buses.

Why is it important to choose the right GPS for you? If you are driving a commercial truck and you use a GPS device intended for smaller vehicles, you'll most likely end up in a disaster -- costing you a lot more than what you've thought you have saved.

Below are simple guidelines on how to use a GPS the right way.

1. Choose a GPS unit designed for your vehicle especially if you are a professional truck driver or bus driver.
2. Read the User Manual. Follow everything important down to the last instruction.
3. Before starting the trip, enter all your information regarding your vehicle such as:
- Vehicle's length, width, height
- Axle weights
- And for haulers, hazardous materials to be transported
4. Program your destination correctly and follow the route recommended by the GPS navigation system.
5. Always pay attention to traffic signs -- especially the restrictions that the GPS may have missed.
6. Don't get distracted. Never change your destination while driving. Route planning must be done before the trip, not on the road.
7. Set the volume and make sure you hear the voice instructions clearly. See to it that the unit is not blocking your sight.
8. Choose a GPS with Map Updates. This is also important. Make sure you have the updated maps and that you are following the current route information.

These are just basic reminders so make sure you add your tips below. Stay safe always!