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Thread: Fuel Economy: Focus for New Truck Models at MATS 2013

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    Fuel Economy: Focus for New Truck Models at MATS 2013

    "Fuel Economy" dominates the new truck roll outs at Mid-America Trucking Show, March 21-23, 2013 at Kentucky Expo Center. Take a look at Kenworth's “flagship” highway tractor, the T680, showing truckers how to maximize the fuel efficiency of their big rigs. See report here.
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    Fuel economy is always a buzz word for truckers. So much of our income goes into the tank. Being from Montana, I have to ask how does this new design do in the mountains? Many trucks do well on the flats, but fall on their faces in the high country.

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    Hah! Take that. Good question. I'd rather have old truck that i am so damn sure very good in fuel efficiency than new design which pumps the tank out like crazy
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