"Keep your MCS-150 company profile up to date." This is the reminder of CSA to carriers to immediately update their MCS-150 mileage (VMT) information with 2011 or 2012 mileage totals to ensure FMCSA uses the most accurate data available to calculate your CSA percentiles.

The number of units operated (PU) and mileage (VMT) data on your MCS-150 directly affects your CSA Unsafe Driving and Crash Basics. This is used to “normalize” the data when calculating your basic measures; these measures are used by CSA to compare your company with other similar carriers.

If your VMT data in is from 2010 or earlier, it will not be used in the CSA calculations, which will directly impact your percentiles in the Unsafe Driving and Crash Basics. Under reporting the number of vehicles you operate or the miles traveled will result in higher CSA scores.

MCS-150 information may be updated at https://lipublic.fmcsa.dot.gov/LIVIE...ION.prc_option.

Source: J. J. Keller