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Thread: hello from Spain

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    hello from Spain

    Hello,I´m Paco.I new here.I ´m leaving in Spain ( Europe,border with France).I have found this website and I am very interested.I´m truck driver since more 15 years.I hope to spend more time on this forum,because I have many questions to ask.See you soon.
    Excuse me, I am using a translator sometimes; I am studying english with a tutor.

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    Well, hello there Pakito! Welcome to the community and hope you enjoy posting.
    Drive Carefully & Come Home Safe

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    Hi Pakito, I am new too. I've only been truck driving for 5 years so I hope to learn more from these forums and from you!

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    Welcome aboard, bwaa. You may want to post some of your trucking pictures back then at Trucker Story & Photo Gallery. Enjoy!
    Drive Carefully & Come Home Safe


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