Ron Paul has stood for an actual free market economy for 30yrs. And not the corpratist unfree market where corporations dictate legislation and laws. He's stood for freedom and Liberty. The freedom to live your life as you see fit. And not be dictated to with unjust rules and regulations by the Federal Government, from "cradle to grave". He's spoken out about the dangers of the Federal Reserve for nearly his entire career. Why? Well, for one, the government borrows money from the federal reserve, with interest. Even though the government has the constitutional authority to create its own, without interest. Also, because if a few have the power to control the supply and the value of our currency, then there's no way an actual free market economy and we the people, will always be enslaved by those who control the money and the value of.

Below is Ron Paul's farewell speech to congress. There's so many truths covered in this, that it's mind bending as to why this man hasn't been elected president?